Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a big boy!

Jack is such a big boy these days! It's hard to believe the same little guy who could barely breastfeed, is now holding a sippy cup with his giant man hands.

Jack has spent the last month staring at us while we eat and drink, which is a sign that he is ready for solids. We're waiting until 6 months just to be cautious about food allergies, but have started to spoon feed him breastmilk during dinner time. Given that he spends 25% of his day watching people eat*, he knows EXACTLY what to do. The first time we put a spoon near his mouth he opened up wide and practically attacked our hand trying to shove the spoon in.

He also loves to play with his sippy cup, and probably gets about 1 tblsp total out of it during a 30 minute dinner. If we hold it in his mouth he'll chug the water, but we usually just let him play with it himself. It keeps him occupied and is good practice!

*there was one day where Jack was watching Uncle Jim eat some pot roast so intently that I think Jim actually felt guilty about eating in front of him.


Shannon said...

I love that Jack watches you guys eat, thats too funny! Im sure he is excited to try solid foods soon

Tammy Spence said...

Sniffer, I have the same high chair!! I can't wait to get Zander into it. Hope your well, Jack is getting so Big and handsome as can be.

Sarah said...

Tammy Jo, make sure you put rolled up dish towels in-between the chair and the legs. If you don't, their little arms get stuck.

Give Z a big hug for me!

Carly said...

soo cute, and so big@