Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The new love of my life

My Walgreens hot water bottle. God bless the bottle and Troy for picking this up for me.

I started having a sharp pain in my rib today and the nurse suggested using heat to see if it helped (because I'm not bleeding or contracting, they don't think anything is wrong). It's helped a bit, but in the process I've fallen in deeply deeply love with this rubber miracle bag.

It's so snuggly against Jack and feels great on my back. I love it so much I named him "Sloshy". We're now BHWBF (Best Hot Water Bottles Forever).

In other non-silly news, it's absolutely gorgeous here today. We've had a crazy ass winter, but today is the kind of day that make people want to live in the Pacific Northwest. It's cold as balls, but the sky is blue, the snow-covered mountains are out, and the sun is shining!

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Troy said...

wasn't sloshy your nick name in college? WHINK!...cause you used to get SLOSHED DUDE YAH! All who are reading this, Sarah has accually never been drunk. I just wanted to write something funny and sloshy is all I came up with.