Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Note to self: always carry a rock with you

Cause you never know when you'll need to crawl under one.

Scene: Tuesday evening, crowded college classroom - 40+ students waiting for my information session to start. Across the room I notice a girl I went to high school with who is visably pregnant and wearing a maternity shirt.

Dumb ass: Well aren't you adorable! How are you feeling? (points to belly)
Innocent little lamb: Great, thanks for asking.
Dumb ass: When are you due?
Innocent little lamb: Um, I had him last Friday
Dumb ass: Well, uh, you look great. Gotta go, I need to start the presentation!

Insert foot in mouth.


Connie said...

OH YEAH. Been there, done that! Only, I made it worse by saying, isn't this your second pregnancy?? Then, she answered, "No, not pregnant, and haven't ever been!"
Somehow, we still became friends after I was such a "dumb ass"!! She showed grace and humor, and said it was when she wore that certain dress, people assumed she was pregnant! whew! ;o)
I did learn after that to keep my pregnancy questions to myself.

SarahM said...

She should have made the better judgment to not leave the house in her maternity shirt that read "Baby on Board". It was clearly not your fault :) LOL JK Good exit strategy though ;)

Anne Bailey said...

Unless you actually can see the baby crowning, no one is pregnant. ;-)

But at least it was just last Friday - if it was 4 months ago that would have been waaaaaaaay worse!!