Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear 16 year old Jack

Today as I shoved lunch in my mouth while pumping and checking my email at work, I realized that I had yet another clogged duct. As I dug in to the duct with my thumb and pushed it towards the pump shield, almost throwing up from the pain, I thought about how much I love you and my heart almost exploded.

So, you'll understand why I slapped you across your smart mouth the other day when you told me you hated me and then went in to your bedroom and turned up your music and went on MySpace to tell everyone what a bad mom you have.


Anne Bailey said...

Dude, MySpace is so mid-2000s!

SarahM said...

You seriously crack me up :) Oh how cute they are when they're little :)

E said...

By that time kids will probably have chips implanted in their arms to mass communicate. The internet will be sooooo 2000.