Monday, February 15, 2010

Where is my damn magic wand?

I need someone to erase the last 4 days. Please?

Let's start with Thursday: I had to get up at 4 am to go to a conference in Seattle. Things are fine, the day goes quickly, and after a medium amount of traffic, I get home at 5 pm. I open the back of my car and realized...I had forgotten my pump at the conference. And I forgot the 10 oz (after having supply issues for the last few months) that I had lovingly pumped for my child in a coat closet. There were tears. And snot. And self-loathing. Thankfully, my father (my hero!)went and fetched the pump the next day, but the 10 oz had to be trashed. Fuck.

Friday: I had the day off, and Jack is the happiest baby ever! I'm the happiest momma ever because he took a 2.5 hr nap in the morning. I should have known something was up. We went to my parents and played pretty hard. He got a little fussy towards the end, but it was nap time. My lovely sister in law came over to watch him so I could go get my toes and hair did. He woke up after I left fussy and clingy. Temp = 101.4

Saturday night: 104.5 temp that is controlled by Motrin and drops to around 101. He woke himself up around 10 pm with diarrhea and the fullest diaper ever. I will now plug the shit (get it?) out of Bum Genius cloth diapers. Had Jack been wearing a conventional diaper, there would have been poo in the next county. But, the BG held the crap in (barely), and it was a relatively easy clean up.

Sunday: Troy wakes up with the man flu. Jack is a pretty happy boy, but a little fussy around bedtime. Woke himself up again at 10 pm with a giant load - again, the diaper held - and a 104.7 temp. We gave him a warm bath and some Motrin, and the temp dropped to 103.7. 1 hr later it was down to 102.5. Because of Troy's man flu, I was already sleeping on the couch. I pulled the hide-a-bed mattress in to Jack's room and we had a slumber party.

Monday: Around 5 am, he woke up fever free. I got him in to the ped around 8:45 am. She did a general exam and thought it might just be a virus. Then she took a peek at his throat and the poor little duckie had blood back there. We did a rapid strep test, and it came out positive. Boo. He's on an antibiotic, and I'm hopeful that he's feel better soon. I want my happy kiddo back.


Scullyhoyy said...

That poor little guy, I really hope he get's better soon. Love & ((hugs))

Shannon said...

What a crazy couple of days, Im sorry. Here's hoping things look up SOON!

rls07 said...

Poor Jack. I hope the antibotics work!!! (((Hugs))))

Ro said...

Oh, poor little Jack :(

I hope the meds works and he's back to his old self in no time!