Monday, October 12, 2009

The sweet spot

We are now in the sweet spot of parenthood. Jack is pretty much finally sleeping through the night - excluding 1 occasional wake up a night - he's happy (and adorable), and is not yet talking back! Let's just press the "pause" button shall we?

Here is Jack at his friend Kaidin's birthday. It was his first time on a swing. When was the last time you were this blissful?

In dirty hippy news, I have developed a mad and torrid love affair with canning. I canned 22 jars of peaches by myself (A LOT of freaking work that I wasn't prepared for), a buttload of jars of applesauce with my sister, and 20 jars of pears with the help of my mom and sister. Later this week I've roped Troy in to helping with some more pears. I bought the final strawberries of the season from a local market, and will be making Troy's favorite - jam - tonight.

When it's January and snowing, I'll be happy to open a jar of summer yumminess.


Mary said...

Jack looks like he is having so much fun!

And, I'll take a jar of jam, please!

Elisa said...

that pic of Jack is priceless! he looks like such a happy little man. and like Mary, i'll be more than happy to take a nice yummy jar of jam. :)

Carly said...

i love it!